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Россия, 192177, Санкт-Петербург, ул.Караваевская, д.57, лит. П.

тел: +7 (812) 439-20-30

Компания «ПМК-ГРАНД» образована в 2006 году

Steel structures fabrication

Our company provides services in design, manufacture and installation of steel structures. "PMK-GRAND" LLC has licenses for the construction and installation of buildings and structures of 1 and 2 level of responsibility. Our production facilities are located at two sites. The production area of the plant, which is located in St. Petersburg (Ust-Slavyanka), is 3000 square meters, the factory located in Otradnoe - 5000 sq.m. 
"PMK-GRAND" LLC has production capacities that ensure production of 500 tons of steel structures per month. Usage of modern equipment, quality materials and highly qualified personnel allow to produce steel structures of intermediate and advanced difficulty with a full range of works.
Production facilities include a wide range of equipment: saws for cutting profile with rotary saw frame, sheet cutting machine, parting shear, assembly stand with dimensions 18000x4000mm, stand for the assembly/welding of beams, machines for various purposes, semi-automatic and automatic welding machines, shot blasting chamber, airless spraying paint devices, stands for vertical painting and drying of trusses.
Our projects includes, for example:

  • multifunctional shopping center "Raduga" (St. Petersburg, Moscow administrative district, block 4, customer: JSC "Lenstroymontazh");
  • diagnostic monitoring station in Roshchino (Tractornaya ulitsa 1b, Customer: “Ostrov” LLC),
  • sanatorium in Repino,Engineering Corps for LLC "Kress-Neva" (Customer: Baltic Engineering Company)
  • shopping mall "Carousel" on Leninskiy Prospect and Prospect Ispitateley (Customer: "RSU Style-M" LLC)
  • elements of the bridge structure (Customer: JSC "SMU №13 Metrostroy")
  • the expansion and reconstruction of the FORD vehicles assembly factory, steel structures for "Toyota" factory (Customer: "ROSTA Northwest").
  • welded beams (Customer JSC "General contracting company STEP", "Baltmetall", "Metallostroy")
  • tade and exhibition centers (Customer: "SZSK")
  • shopping center "Lenta" on Hasanskaya ulitsa (Customer: "Stroycomplex" LLC)
  • shopping center " Lenta " in Novgorod (Customer: "SMU №207").
  • retail complex "Pyaterochka" (customer "CCK-26")
  • "Nissan" vehicles assembly factory, (Customer: "Beta Tek Tesisat Insaat ve Tijaret Limited Shirketi")
  • sports and recreation complexes in city Kommunar and Otradny (customer JSC "ASK")
  • cardboard factory in city Communar (customer JSC "ASK")
  • government delegation guest house in Sochi (Customer: "Stalkonstruktsiya")
  • reconstruction of hotel "Nevsky Palace" (Customer: "Enka Insaat ve Sanayi Anonim Shirketi")
  • infrastructure facility of special economic zone in St. Petersburg at the "Neudorf" plot, administrative and business center with exhibition center (Customer: "Stroykomplex")
  • production and warehouse facility for processing of nuts in Vsevolozhsk (Customer: "RSU Style-M ")
  • production shop of "PETRO" factory (customer JSC "Baltic Engineering Company")
  • reconstruction of Ryabovsky ceramics factory (customer "ASK")

And many others.

Our specialists always offer to customers several options for execution of works. We have enough forces and qualified staff for various complex orders. We guarantee high quality of work and sustained contractual schedules. We are constantly working to improve the product and are ready to discuss any wishes of customers.

Sincerely, Strahova Svetlana
General Director of "PMK-GRAND"
Telephone: +7 (812) 944-81-79

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